Speed Management


BasePoint is now able to offer a managed service of the permanent or temporary installation of Speed Indicating Devices (SID’s) and Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS).


With Safety Camera Partnerships being disbanded in recent times along with significant reductions in funding we have found that our Local Authority clients in particular are looking for more cost effective and innovative ways of managing speed.


Speed Indicating Devices – SID’s

SID’s have proved to be an extremely useful passive tool in promoting driver awareness of inappropriate speeds. They work best when they are implemented as part of a rotational programme to cover a local area. These compact and portable devices also have ability to capture traffic volume and speed data proving an innovative, cost effective and less divisive solution to speed reduction in a given area.


Vehicle Activated Signs - VAS

VAS’s work in a similar manner, being able to operate as both a speed awareness and hazard warning device. They are activated by approaching vehicles that trigger the sign to illuminate either the prevailing speed in a given area or a warning of a hazed ahead.


Courtesy our partner organisation www.davidagrahamassociates.co.uk